A Touriga Vai Nua 2018

Signature Series

Varieties: 100% Touriga Nacional

Year: 2018

Identity: Queen of all Portuguese grapes, Touriga Nacional is known for its floral aromas. This true identity is fragile and fades slowly away with time and oak ageing. This trial captures its pire young version, rare to the general public. come from schist soils and the fermentation was spontaneous. It is the Touriga Naked (nua)? Yes! But you will find that it has never been so well dressed.

Alcohol: 14,5%

Denomination: Vinho Regional Alentejano

Viticulture: All our grapes come from the highest quality vineyards of the Alentejo region, south of Portugal. The agriculture is sustainable, the production is controlled and quality is improved by removing secondary branches and pruning bunches. The vineyards are grown on very poor soil of schist or granite origin, naturally producing very concentrated grapes. The aromatic profile is further enhanced by cultural practices such as defoliation, dawning and weeding of green curls.

Vinification: All bunches entering the winery are passed over a sorting table and subjec- ted to intensive quality control.The grapes are gently crushed and moved by gravity into temperature regulated vats. Both alcoholic and malolactic fermenta- tion occur naturally with no inoculation.



Revista Grandes Escolhas



Revista Grandes Escolhas